The White Wolves are a fresh new creative writing force based in Nashville, Tennessee founded by Todd Burman and Chuck Feltner. The White Wolves model showcases a first in constant collaboration - with each and every song featuring new vocalists and artist, and each single releasing autonomously.  

Initially connected through a mutual friend and musician, Burman and Feltner quickly learned they shared similar life turmoil in their past. The pair’s mutual ability to communicate through the art of song is what drew them together, and resulted in the birth of The White Wolves. The songs they write tell their stories and the stories of each of their collaborators.

 A lone wolf may be able to survive on his own, but his chances are greater when he is part of a pack. This sentiment is what inspired the duo to call themselves “The White Wolves”. While they desire to set themselves apart as a unique and unprecedented project, they also long to create a musical community - a wolf pack - that they can be continually collaborative with and be inspired by. 

 “It’s a limitless new innovation and way to write. We have no boundaries, are beholden to no one, are independent of genre, and free to write what is inspiring to us as we change artist with each and every song,” says Burman. 

 Over the last decade, both Burman and Feltner have individually and collectively written hit songs in the US and have had the honor of producing, writing and recording with some of the best in the business - including Grammy Award winning and nominated producers, mixers, writers, artists and engineers. 

 The White Wolves have released two singles to date: “Burning It Down” and “Revolution” were seen as a great introduction to the storytelling possibilities between Burrman and Feltner. However, their newest single, “I Won’t Be Around” is a creative departure from their last two releases and further broadens their scope of ability. 

 Producer, Joe West, (Keith Urban, Justin Timberlake, Tim McGraw, among others) got to take part in helping Burman and Feltner create their newest single - a favorite to-date. Said West of the opportunity, “I had a blast writing and recording with The White Wolves. They’re fantastic songwriters, artists and musicians. “I Won’t Be Around” is one of my favorite records of the year and I was lucky to get to be a part of it.” 

Burman explained that this single was actually the second song that Chuck and he ever wrote together proving that these two were a match made in musical heaven from the start.

“I was going through a period of digging through old records and sounds that I loved. The 70’s was a time when so many classic songs were written and that we had an “Al Green meets Hall and Oates” inspiration for the song and wanted to capture that to the tape - we wanted to record it the same way songs like this were recorded back in the 70s,” Burman continued. “Joe also pushed us to define the message of the song, allowing Chuck and I to find closure from our similar past relationships by saying, “I Won’t Be Around.”

 This duo may sing that they “won’t be around,” but with their impeccable writing, they will continue to embrace their individuality at every corner and prove they deserve to be around for the foreseeable future.